Saturday, April 25, 2009

Miky's Birthday Present

Front View of Miky's Birthday Monster

I made this felt monster for Miky's 26th Birthday. Last year I made a tiny one and he had it as a key chain guarding his keys. Now this monster is guarding Miky's room as he's a bit too big to get into Miky's trouser pocket. I glued the eyes and mouth using fabric glue because I stuffed it first before adding the face details. Next time I'll do the stuffing last, as the fabric glue is not that pleasant to smell at.

Back View of Miky's Birthday Monster

I never really know how to stitch words onto felt and this one doesn't come out as I wanted it to be. In case you are wondering, it reads, "Mic Menn Bday 09". I think using back stitch will do the wordings more justice. Anyway, I'm still quite pleased with the end results as I normally have ideas in my head and rarely get to take action and execute them. My inspiration for this is from the photo below, a photo that I took of shop's window displayment full of little cute monsters in Leeds city centre:
The shop is opposite Leeds market. I don't really remember the shop name as it's not really a kawaii gift shop but they do happen to have these adorable felt monsters. They look simple but I think I took almost 10 hours to finish making one while catching up with episodes of Lost.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's Nice To See You Smile Again

Found this heart warming graffiti on the wall of Zara clothing shop in Leeds. I don't think it's commissioned by the shop. I'm guessing this graffiti creator must be a female. This will be one of the things that I like about Leeds city centre.
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