Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve

I stayed at Mic(my boyfriend)'s place on Christmas eve. He gave me the necklace that I had been nagging to him about weeks ago, a Swarovski crystal red apple necklace. I didn't give him anything as I returned his gifts to the shop the same week after I've got the bad news He and his housemate Ciro cooked us dinner. Dinner involves my usual salad, with sweet corn, olives, marinated mushroom, apetina feta and I learnt to like eating babybel cheese from him. They also prepared some italian dishes that consist of cheese & tomato, I couldn't remember the name of that dish, but it was all well.

They have an old lady living downstairs of their flat and I came out with this idea of writing her a christmas card since it seemed like she was spending the day alone. I drew a cartoon cat in a dress and wearing a pearl necklace in the card. We put the card, a few ferrero rochers and a napkin with The Snowman cartoon on it (which I bought from the one pound shop) on her door knob.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Not the news that I have expected

The day after I created this new blog, I was been told I'll be made redundant in two weeks time. I didn't bring my phone with me, and I braved myself to stay at work until I finish my normal 7.5 working hours. I completely broke down when I got home and was crying to everyone I called at night. I was simply shocked to the core, something that I had feared while been surrounded by the news. I couldn't sleep at night. Everything I've learnt from the past few months, from The Secret, from the seminars of staying positive, was thrown out of the window instantly and there's nothing else in my mind that I could think of.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hello. Kitty.

Yesterday, I saw this huge hello kitty in the shop again. Only this time, she's on the shop floor, since she's white, she looked a bit dirty. I tried to look for her price tag but couldn't find it, I guess she's just a mascot. I never really like hello kitty, I used to prefer my little ponies and care bears. I like her now.

My first hello kitty purchase since for as long as I can remember:

She used to stand proud on my desktop until one day, when the VIPs of the company decided to come for a visit, I was told to hide her just until the VIPs have left and then I can continue to parade about the kid in me. She has been staying in my drawer since.

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