Monday, May 10, 2010


I saw a cute kitty on my way home today. I'm always looking out for cats by the windows. I shall call him/her Fluffy. I tried to get a better shot at Fluffy but failed as he/she got too excited when I kept making 'Meow' noises to get Fluffy's attention.

I miss Jelly. How is she doing?

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Sunday, May 9, 2010


I've been feeling down & disappointed lately, as much as I want to be a happy person, things will not always be the way I want them to be.

Recently, I have had a conversation with my mother. I asked her to send something to me & before she could hang up, I reminded her whether she still has my new address (I moved to a new place at the end of Feb) & I found out that she could memorise my new address but she has never used my new address before. Then she told me that she has been praying for me everyday & mentioned my location (address) in her prayer. I am touched.

From now on, there's more reason for me to be positive and that will mean that my mom's prayer has been answered. Thanks & Happy (belated) Mother's Day. :)

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