Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I'm moving to blogspot... I'm lonely at Tabulas. Besides being lonely at there, I feel that there are too much negativity that I've dwell on my old blog but I still treasure the stories that I've noted down through my life so far, I wish I could have kept blogging after I got my first job 2 years ago. I wish my friend who started out blogging with me will be encouraged to blog regularly. I still prefer the layout there, as I will be needing sometime to figure out how to amend the layout here.

Life is meant to be about celebrations. I felt more inspired, relaxed and happy while reading other blogs which are about crafting/fashion/those little things to be treasured. I think a change will do me good. I hope I'll keep up with the posting at here. To whoever you are, wherever you're at, welcome. I do hope that this place will keep you acompanied. :D

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