Monday, August 24, 2009

Red Thai Curry

Red Thai Curry
Red Thai Curry with Cauldron marinated tofu pieces

I got this recipe from the carton that comes with Cauldron marinated tofu pieces. It was originally called 'Jungle Curry' and I added coconut milk to it and twisted the recipe a bit. It was my first time cooking curry dishes with coconut milk and it turns out to be edible. I'm never a cooking person. To most of my friends, whenever we are in the kitchen, the best job for me will be cutting up vegetables. Even Miky thinks I'm trying to murder garlic cloves, as I always try to crush the garlic with the side of a knife really loudly and it scares him.

I'm trying to include lots of brocolli and carrots into my diet as they are the classic food that can help prevent cancer and also food that contain high anti-oxidant such as blueberries. I saw photos of this 27 year old girl having tumour in her breasts on Flickr and it worries me. It was really sad to read that she tried to go to a cancer support group and she found no one there at about her age. I've been reading some articles online on cancer prevention and been telling about it to my aunt (who's a nose cancer survivor) and my mother. I will try and stay as healthy as possible and eat less junk food, fried food, food containing sugar, salt and dairy products.


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  1. i am SO obsessed with those marinated tofu pieces, they're sooo tasty!


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