Monday, January 4, 2010

New year, new bag

Miky bought me this bag when we went on a short trip to York on the 2nd January. I was really really happy to have stepped in a Cath Kidston store for the very first time, like a kid to the candy store, even tough everything is so expensive there! This carry-all-bag is on sale, even though it looks a bit like mum's bag or I sometimes feel like carrying a piece of curtain / bed's still pretty & I like red, better than the grey one which is on sale too!

I just updated the software on iPhone which I should have done ages ago hence I get to post this thru my iPhone from some free apps that I have downloaded since yesterday! The photos for these posts will obviously be a bit blurry & crappy (only 2 mega pixels) but saves quite a lot of time from uploading photos from camera to my slow pc.

So here it is, first post from year 2010! New year resolutions?! Spend less & hand made more crafty stuff!

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