Sunday, January 10, 2010

This weekend

Another post with bad quality photos. Anyway, I'm at my friend's place for the weekend & also for her house warming party. I really dig her place, a brand new apartment with a 47' plasma tv. I've been watching music channels & listening to sappy old love songs which I've always enjoyed & missed since I left my tv in Leeds.

I gave her the bad cat desk calendar & a set of Russian dolls for her coming soon birthday / house-warming:

The last little Russian one reminds me of one of the ghostly character from Spirited Away, I couldn't get a close up from either of my functioning cameras...

At the moment, I'm so mad about the musical comedy Glee! I've watched 12 episodes straight on Thursday night after coming home from work. It's like high school musical & sister act 2 but only better, in my opinion. A Glee badge & Glee soundtrack are on my most wanted list. Ok, I'm gonna continue watching sappy love music videos on Magic channel.

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