Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Picasso's Exhibition at The National Gallery

I bought the Calepin notebook from the Picasso's museum in Paris last August.

Today, I went to the Picasso's Exhibition at the National Gallery in London. I've come to London since yesterday and will go back to Leeds tomorrow. I've got the ticket at half price as I brought my redundancy letter with me and still unemployed. I have always love Picasso's work ever since I first saw his works in Peggy Guggenheim Musuem in Venice during year 2004. His arts are sometimes simple which make it easier for your eyes to look at. I did a few sketches in front of his arts during my visit this time:

Study on Picasso's Sleeping Nude With Blonde Hair, 1932

Study on Picasso's Reclining Nude, 1969

Study on Picasso's Minotaur, 1958

Study on Picasso's Large Bather, 1921 (Face Part)

Study on Picasso's Nude Woman in Red Armchair, 1932

Study on Picasso's The Artist In Front Of His Canvas, 1938


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