Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Celia Birtwell Fabric Swatches

Look what came in the post today! I requested for the Celia Birtwell fabric samples on Sunday and it arrived today! This will add to the collection of fabric swatches that I've collected & also used my friends' & relatives address to get them. I'll probably buy some fabrics soon for real after I start work. In the mean time, I'm just drooling over the surprise I received. These Celia Birtwell fabrics don't come cheap either & even though some of the sizes of the swatches are quite small, but I'm sure I can make some use out of them. A Celia B. catalogue/poster(as shown as the back ground of this photo) is also included. I've always loved her work ever since I started knowing her collaboration with Topshop.

This Celia Birtwell shoulder bag is a free gift with one of issues of Elle (UK) magazine more than a year ago. I'm glad that I didn't donate this away as I only used it twice or so and I managed to find it again to show it here!

While googling her name, I just found this link on Make Your Own Celia Birtwell Stencil Print Bag with free Celia Birtwell print to download from guardian's website.

I've been wanting to start this sewing project for the past few days but I end up surfing the internet looking for more inspiration and updating my blog.

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