Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Handmade Coin Purse /Pouch

Front view of coin purse
I have had fun sewing my first craft using a zipper. I've made this coin purse for Miky's mother, who is an Italian, hence the bird on the purse said 'Ciao'. I got the fabric from John Lewis curtain swatch sample, which is free. This time, I used backstitch to stitch the words & birdie's wing on which showed better result and appeared neater.

Back view of coin purse

Dragonfly in Chinese knotting
I thought I could add some Chinese touch to it by adding a dragonfly which is crafted in chinese knotting to the zipper. I did this craft when I was in primary school and have since forgotten about the method. Thanks to the tutorial on youtube, I was able to relive my childhood memories again.

Inner lining of coin purse with a felt pocket decorated with a felt heart

Work in progress: Inner lining of purse

Work in progress: cover of coin purse

Work in progress: Sewing felt onto the cover of purse

Finished product: closer view
Well, I'm quite pleased with it and I hope Miky's mother will like it. I'm in the progress of making another one for my aunt & my mother too. I made this for Miky's mom first as he's going to New York in a few weeks' time and his mom is going to be there too.



  1. That is cute in so many ways. I adore the dragonfly knot!

  2. I love those dragonflies - I am going to check out the youtube tutorial. The purse is so cute!

  3. hi i stumbled upon your blog and fell in love with your purse! you are so creative! was wondering if you do custom made projects?


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