Monday, June 22, 2009

Road Sign

One thing that I really like about my neighbourhood in Leeds is the road sign shown above which features kids' drawings. Maybe people will pay more attention to road signs if they are all as cute as this one.

I have all the free time at the moment that most people will like to have and I'm trying to savour every moment by doing something productive. I need to make that promise. Hence, the sudden update of my long neglected dear blog.

Miky took me to dinner last Saturday at Ho's Restaurant. I ordered watermelon juice, vegetable hot & sour soup and vegetable fried rice while he ordered seafood. I always tell him that he must have been a fish in his past life. After that we went to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I'm not a big fan of action movie but it was interesting and quite funny. Shia LaBeouf is still worth watching!

My hay fever has been getting to me for the past 2 weeks and I didn't expect it to have a come back this year. I'm thinking of buying that organic hay fever balm, since my hay fever meds from last year isn't that effective. I have been in the UK for more than 5 years and I only start getting hay fever since last year. I wonder if there's some explanation to this.

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