Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vegetable burger at The Alamo Restaurant, Dublin

I really like the vegetable burger at The Alamo, a Mexican restaurant at Templar Bar, Dublin. I went to Dublin last year in November for my Results NLP course. During the course, I went to the restaurant a few time ordering the same food: The vegetable burger. I never knew that Portobello mushrooms with cheese & beef tomatoes, served with rocket salad in balsamic vinegar dressing are simply mouth watering. This time I managed to take a photo on my phone while been in Dublin for my master NLP course. I forgot that there's also serving of roasted peppers and paprika powder that comes with it. As you can see below, my own version of Alamo's vegetable burger:
I have to use the whole packet of rocket salad as I always forgot to finish them if I left some in the fridge. I have grown to like the taste of peppery rocket salad (washed one) and it tastes really nice with balsamic vinegar & salt. For preparing this dish, it's best to use portobello mushrooms instead of the normal big mushrooms as the taste varies between them. As for the cheese, the restaurant uses Smoked Applewood Cheese but I have no idea where to get it or even smoke it myself so I just use mozzarella cheese. I like their ideas of staking the portobello mushrooms, beef tomatoes & cheese together with a barbeque skewer. Just around 10 minutes in the oven of Gas Mark 8 and the food is ready to be served. I have been salivating as I am typing this. :)

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  1. Looks really yum! Wish I could try it in Japan, too. ;9


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