Friday, July 10, 2009

paris coin purse, magazines ( Katherine Heigl ), pig in kimono, pink bow

Goods from Accessorize

I went to watch Ice Age 3 with Miky on Wednesday and went shopping yesterday. Accessorize is having a sale and I couldn't help myself buying something. I bought the hair elastic band with a pink bow, a piggy in kimono key chain and a Paris coin purse, all at half price. I had my eyes on the elastic band for a while and even imagined wearing it when I start my new job. I like the Paris coin purse best, with an Eiffel tower chain. I keep their tags on as I'm still not sure whether I will return this impulse purchase.

Front view of Paris coin purse

Back view of Paris coin purse, with lovely heart prints

Piggy in Kimono key chain
I think I might return this sweet piggy...I wouldn't be so interested in buying it if it's other animal. She's really cute!

Boots' Health & Beauty magazine & Marie Claire Magazine
Another of my impulse purchase yesterday, with my Boots advantage card points. I thought I'll be able to get the free Aveda shampoo for buying the Marie Claire magazine but they are all gone when I try to redeem it from Harvey Nichols, Leeds. I prefer reading other magazines such as Prima, Essentials and Red, but Marie Claire always include the best free gift with their magazine.


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