Monday, July 27, 2009

Purse for my aunt & documentaries

Front view of the purse for my aunt

Back view of purse for my aunt

I finally get to finish this purse for my aunt. I am going to make another one for my mother. For this purse, it's big enough to put notes, cards, phone and anything else in. I'm thinking of adding a felt flower brooch to the purse as planned before.

I've managed to mop the kitchen floor and bathroom floor on Friday as I thought I'm going to ask my friend to come here for a sleep over, but I got caught up watching lots of documentaries on animals. I wonder why I used to think documentaries on are boring, probably too absorbed being living my own life. Now I have new found respect for those who worked so hard together to come up with all these magnificent and heart warming documentaries.

I seriously think that watching documentaries are beneficial for people who feel down from time to time. You'll realise that there are lives around you and they are struggling to live on just like anyone else and that they probably cope better with less resources than us. I really recommend watching The March of the Penguins, Artic Tales and BBC's Nature's Most Amazing Events Series with superb soundtrack!


  1. That is so cute!!!! Your aunt must loved it!

  2. That little purse is so quaint and cute. I bet your aunt loves it to bits. At least I know I would :D

    I've not seen those documentaries before but I do have the soundtrack for the March of the Penguins. It's quite phenomenal hehe.

    Anyway I agree that that's probably a good idea for not feeling so down: documentaries! Puts you back into the right perspective :)


  3. I love the purse. I especially love the little dragonfly attached to the zip - did you make that too??

  4. Thank you for the nice uplifting comment, love you for that!!

    And your aunt must be proud and wear it everyday, everywhere.

  5. Thanks for all the comments!!

    Mei, I actually watched the whole documentary of The March of The Penguins on youtube...

    Alison, yes I did make that dragonfly zipper pull, I learned it from a tutorial on youtube.
    We use to make it when I was in primary school, but i've since forgotten about the method!

    Babalisme, I hope you're feeling better and Bronnie will be remembered forever.


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