Friday, July 17, 2009

Wish List: Summer Dresses from Asos

Asos favourite dresses
1. Jojo And Malou for Asos Necklace Print Colour Block Dress (£19 on sale)
2. Asos Umbrella Print Dress (£24 on sale)
3. Rainbeaux Cat Print Bow Front Layered Dress (£39 on sale)
4. Dahlia Vintage Floral Belted Dress (£55.00)

One thing that I love about summer is all those lovely flower print dresses in the shops. They all look so much fun, colourful and feminine and I can't help myself feeling happier when I see them. I love the umbrella print dress the most and there are lots of items on sale on Asos website at the moment. I realise that summer is coming to an end soon but I'm hoping to wear them when I get back to Malaysia next year for the Chinese New Year!

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